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Jörg Gessner

You will discover the story artist Jörg Gessner shares with us on the pages of a wordless novel. This tale is both his story and that of another culture, another civilization. It was while living and traveling through Japan that the designer met one of the greatest dynasties of Japanese paper-makers

The immaculate sheets that compose Jorg Gessner’s silent novel translate, the memory of the light spectrum evolving over time. Declined in the most delicate shades, this silent tale will immerse you far beyond the production and into a process involving knowledge, method, rhythm and style, in other words a ritual, resulting in the creation of the washi. It leads us through a sensitive approach to light. In a society that has managed to reveal a “Praise of Shadows”, (« In Praise of Shadows ») the principles of the infinitesimal are present everywhere, all the time: in the delicate contour of the stone, in the discretion of a politeness sign, in the contemplation of a temple, in the subtlety of light beams. But this time we are here, Jörg Gessner’s overlapped, shifted and suspended washi aspire to be this minimal art that leads us to self-restraint and silence. Jörg Gessner’s career as a designer requires him to allay, on a daily basis, form and function, with this exhibition, he shifts towards the path of the essential and that of the principles he discovered in Japan. It will be then a matter of light, shades, sensibility, but also of a fundamental quest.

This tale is not written. The sheet remains clean, but it carries within itself, within each and every one of its fibers, memories to be discovered. Korean artist Lee Ufan said in 2011 at the Guggenheim Museum in New York: « What we see here is questioning the idea of civilization ». Let discover Jörg Gessner’s work with this idea in mind.

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