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Laurent Godard

Born in 1967, Laurent Godard studied medicine at the Garancière, Paris. Having practiced as a dental surgeon for the first part of his early career, he turned to acting classes and drawing classes, alongside developing his figurative painting technique and his passion for creative writing. His imaginary village, Flateurville , evolved out of his participation in an array of artistic media, even his role as a surgeon plays a part in his fictive story. He soon established himself as a renowned portrait painter and story-teller. His paintings have been exhibited in galleries internationally. The main technique Godard practices owes much to his fascination with the style of Jackson Pollock: the majority of the portraits are conceived out of his “dripped” lines. This type of abstract action painting emphasizes the urgency of gesture to discover new characters and personalities that will appear on his canvas. Today, he continues to develop and expand Flateurville’s real and fictional boundaries; always searching for new abandoned locations to transform and add on to the map of the village, while using all the narrative supports he has at his disposal to be able to tell the story in a variety of different ways and to a variety of audiences. With the support of ARTE, he is currently working towards the production of it as a feature length film and piece of theatre.

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