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Stephen Schultz


Stephen Schultz was born in 1946, Chicago(Illinois). Find and download his complete C.V. here


Stephen Schultz has traveled the path of a painter for many years, resorting directly to painting on a canvas, creating in his confrontation with reality a relation to the figure without ever sliding into immediate realism. “Paintings”, says Stephen Schultz, “are not meant to be windows to the real world, but go describe a step from this world to another, where time and action are suspended, in the same way that a play does not reflect reality, but rather amplifies it.” The painter does not use models in his workshop. He expects his characters to display a presence, and he does not seek to identify his characters, who could be either men or women. These characters are entirely imaginary in their morphology and attitudes, even though the painter sometimes looks to some of his friends’ approach in order to capture a gesture. Conor is used with restraint, with an undulatory economy which gives these scenes a peculiar softness. Something has happened recently. The painter left behind his colour palette and only retained black and white, in increasingly dramatic paintings. “Black and white”, as he explains, “has become the mysterious and provoking medium for the story”. This simplistic choice reveals an attempt at formal minimalism, leaving behind the overflow of the chromatic spectrum to confront this sole binary possibility.




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